Service Overview

How It Works

Ordyx staff takes great pride in the innovative technology supporting its reliable service. The main goal set forth to Ordyx staff has been to continuously maintain a focus to:

Provide Restaurateurs with innovative tools to allow them to maximize their efficiency and in turn the profitability
of the restaurant.

In following this main goal, Ordyx staff realizes and understands that in order for restaurateurs to increase their efficiency they need to focus their time in running the restaurant and servicing their guests, not in managing a traditional "in the restaurant" back office. On a traditional POS product the back office resides on a computer within the restaurant. As a result, that computer needs to be maintained by restaurateurs in terms of backups, memory needs, hardware failures, etc.

In order to eliminate that burden from restaurateurs, Ordyx works with its Internet based Ordyx server which resides outside of the restaurant. Every touchscreen inside the restaurant is continuously synchronized with the Ordyx server using the highest standards of encryption available today. The touchscreen not only synchronizes in terms of menu changes, but it even updates itself automatically with new versions of the software, thus eliminating the need for having to pay for upgrades. Even in the seldom case that the restaurant gets temporarily disconnected from the Internet, the Ordyx software is designed so that touchscreens are able to detect this event, maintain all information locally, and automatically synchronize with the Ordyx server once the Internet connection is reestablished. Furthermore, the offsite Ordyx server allows Ordyx support staff to run daily backups as well as provide a higher level of service than that provided by POS products dependent on local servers. From anywhere in the world restaurateurs can securely and confidentially see everything happening in the restaurant from the current orders being taken to the latest inventory levels.

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Low Cost Of Ownership

Although the concept of services provided to restaurants such as food and cleaning services is not new, it represents a shift with regards to POS solutions. Ordyx provides an unmatched service that does not rely solely on software, but in the ability to constantly provide the customer with added benefits and services not available when purchasing standard version-based software. In fact Ordyx's business model thrives on the idea that the sale is never final - it is all about the service.

The service model offered to our customers does not attempt to resell hardware after a pre-calculated amount of time. Additionally, enhanced functionality is not driven by new sales of the next version, or upgrade if the current version does not meet customer's needs. Instead Ordyx ensures that restaurant owners will take advantage of the latest technology without the worry of future hardware upgrades. All this in an environment where all software upgrades are done automatically without user intervention, data migration, or operation downtime, and all are bundled in a low and predictable monthly service.

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How We Compare

Ordyx's innovation is reflected in everything from how its service is structured to how the software has been designed. Its innovative business model allows Ordyx to provide a higher quality of service than traditional POS vendors. To understand how Ordyx does this, simply compare a traditional POS product with our innovative POS Service.

Traditional POS Products

Ordyx POS Service


Expensive Upgrades
High Maintenance Costs
Delayed Support



Automatic Upgrades
Low Maintenance Costs
24 Hour Support

A traditional POS vendor focuses on selling its software and hardware to a potential restaurant. Once the sale is completed, the POS vendor typically sets up the hardware, installs the software, trains the restaurant personnel, and provides on-site support for potentially the first couple of days of usage. Further customer support is either handled through long term commitment contracts or exorbitant hourly rates. After a couple of years, the sales representative POS vendor contacts the restaurant to sell them hardware and software upgrades at cost as high as the initial investment.



Ordyx can be classified as a POS managed service. As such, it focuses on maintaining an ongoing relationship with its customers. The Ordyx relationship starts with the Ordyx Professional assisting the Restaurateur in defining his or her restaurant's POS needs. Once those needs have been determined, a Ordyx launch date is set. Ordyx personnel sets up the hardware, installs the software, trains the restaurant personnel, and provides on-site support for potentially the first couple of days of usage. Further customer support is provided as part of the Ordyx service. Ordyx support personnel are just a phone call or email away for any questions or requests a Restaurateur may have.

As changes occur in the restaurant market, the Ordyx service is quickly enhanced with new features to allow restaurants to continue to be profitable while providing a high service levels to their guests. All customers automatically receive upgrades to their Ordyx software without them having to click one button.



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Service Partner
Vs Product

Traditionally, owners interested in taking advantage of the benefits of a POS solution have been reluctant to do so due to perceived notions of high initial and on-going costs. Although this still holds true for many traditional POS systems, Ordyx has succeeded in providing a valuable tool at an affordable cost while maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability.

Traditional POS solutions depend on the centralization of information in a main server computer which effectively becomes the heart of your operation as well as your potential main point of failure. The price and location of this main server computer, installation, setup, and the ongoing software and hardware maintenance drive up the costs of owning a traditional POS system.

Ordyx has eliminated the need and expenses associated with owning a traditional server based POS system. Ordyx' touchscreen software technology includes a concept of independent collaboration eliminating the single point of failure. Every station is aware of every other station while at the same time maintaining no dependency. If a station where to go down, your remaining stations would continue working totally unaffected. Furthermore, if the Internet connection at your establishment were interrupted, the stations would automatically start saving the information locally while communicating to each other any changes in orders, payments, etc. Once your Internet connection is restablished, all the information is automatically sent to the online Ordyx Back Office.

No more missing data or downtime due to system crashes!!! Around the clock system monitoring combined with innovative technology ensures a smooth running operation.

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* Email:
* Phone: +1 (561) 807-1503

Support is an integral part of any time critical business and Ordyx makes no exceptions. The Ordyx service is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to prevent downtime, ensure smooth operations, and maintain the highest data integrity.

Customers of Ordyx are provided with Ordyx' highly reliable technical support, should they ever need it. If you require support, simply call Ordyx' support number and an Ordyx Technician will be ready to assist you.

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Feedback System

Ordyx believes that no masterpiece is ever finished. With that thought in mind, Ordyx has set out to continuously improve its service through the Feedback System.

The Feedback System consists on the ability of Ordyx customers to take an active role in the functionality added and improvements made to the Ordyx service.

The process works as follows:

1. Customers submit suggestions through the website
2. Suggestions are received by Ordyx' technical staff
3. Customers receive acknowledgement that their suggestions were received
4. Suggestions are evaluated, prioritized and often implemented in an up-coming release
5. New releases are accompanied by an email newsletter informing customers of enhancements made.

This process ensures a quality service totally focused on customer satisfaction.

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